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Carson City Bike Park Update - New Local Partner! (3/9/24)

We're excited to share that we've partnered with Renee Plain from In Plain Sight Marketing. Renee, a local PR and marketing expert, has graciously offered her skills pro bono to help make the dream of the Carson City Bike Park a reality. She's fully committed to our community and this project! If you're in need of top-notch marketing advice, please reach out to her—just let her know that Dan from Ride Carson City referred you.

First on our agenda with Renee is crafting a high-energy and engaging promotional video and presentation that vividly brings our community bike park vision to life. This presentation will be crucial in rallying support from our city officials and other stakeholders.

We're considering launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund this promotional video. We value your opinion and would appreciate your thoughts on this idea. Please share your feedback in the comments section below. Can you help fund this video? What kind of rewards could we offer to potential Kickstarter supporters?

Remember, this project is more than just a bike park; it's an invitation for a more active and vibrant Carson City.

- The laughter of families, the thrill of kids mastering new tricks, adaptive riders enjoying lines, high-level competitions, and the sense of community as bikers of all ages and skill levels come together. We're working towards this vision and are excited to have you on board!

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates, and let's build a bike park!

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