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A gorgeous blue sky day on the trails, looking towards the mountains, with a tall pine tree on the left of the trail and the trails snaking from the right of the screen to the middle.


About Ride Carson City

  • Welcome to Ride CC, where our passion for bikes meets community spirit. We are committed to building, maintaining, and supporting local trails and bike parks while fostering a vibrant biking community.

Our Mission

  • Ride CC is not only about trails and bike parks; it's also about the connections they create. Our mission is to support and maintain local trails, ensuring they are enjoyable for everyone. We believe in the power of trails to bring people together and promote a healthy, active lifestyle. We also know that, in the end, this is a win for economic development - whether through increased housing value or tourists spending more money in our local community.

Community First

  • At the core of Ride CC is community. We look forward to creating more community through our initiatives, including trail maintenance, community rides, unique events, and advocacy for additional infrastructure and economic development projects.

Join Us

  • Be a part of Ride CC! Whether you're an avid rider, a trail enthusiast, or just someone who loves the outdoors, there's a place for you here. Find out how you can contribute through volunteering, participating in events, or advocating for better riding infrastructure.

Our Future Impact

  • Through our work, we're not just going to continue maintaining trails; we're building a stronger, healthier community. Check out our blog posts to see the trails we support, our community events, and the people who make it happen.

Stay Updated

  • Keep up with Ride CC's latest initiatives, trail updates, and community events by following us on social media @ridecarsoncity to stay connected with our community.




Support Us

Take the Carson City Bike Park Survey Here:

Our Mission

Empowering our community through cycling; building paths, parks, and partnerships to help make Carson City a premier cycling destination.

Our Vision

Transforming Carson City into a vibrant cycling hub where community, health, and sustainability ride together.

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