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500+ Surveys, Muscle Powered, and CPA Search!

Hello Everyone!

Over the past month and a half, there has been so much background work going on here @ridecarsoncity, so we wanted to come on here and post a few updates:

On March 24th we blew past 500 total Carson City Bike Park surveys! These surveys will be helpful as we work on the Bike Park's design. Each response represents the overwhelming desire from our community and region for a premier bike park in Carson City! The winners of the 500th survey drawing are:

Survey #340- Michael Rupert

Survey #472- Ethan Brough

Survey #197- Shauna Osborne

Congratulations to all of these winners who received hats and, again, a huge thank you to everyone who participated.

On April 15th we presented to the Muscle Powered board of directors. The Muscle Powered board of directors was positive about the project and asked many good questions. Support from Muscle Powered will make the bike park project smoother, and bring exposure from a new audience of supporters and volunteers. The collaboration will benefit Carson City and the region by adding a premier outdoor recreation facility with significant educational and economic impact.

Lastly, we have an amazing opportunity to apply for an anonymous grant that could fund the entire Carson City Bike Park! To apply for this grant, we need to find a CPA willing to donate their time to audit our umbrella organization as a requirement for the grant. If you know anyone who is a CPA, please get them in contact with us through our email: our website, or any of our social media platforms!

Thank you again, and, Let's build a bike park!

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