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Bijou Bike Park Visit 6/11/24

Updated: Jun 17

Finally Visited Bijou Bike Park up in South Lake Tahoe

I had a great time checking it out, and it got me even more stoked about how awesome it will be to get a bike park built down here in Carson City - with essentially the ability in CC to ride year round!

My visit happened to be on a Tuesday. Well, it turns out that on Tuesdays during the summer from 6-7 PM there is an informal group of folks that get together to tuneup the bike park and then ride it together.

There were kids there that had their parents drive them up from MInden. The folks that really spearheaded the park, the Fish family, were there along with many other riders and community members. The age range of riders was from 3 to probably me at 55, but I had forgotten my helmet so I was on photo duty.

It was a very cool scene. Lots of laughter and silliness, but also people getting work done - including the kiddos. 

Then the fun really started with a community jam session on a freshly tuned up bike park! The whole scene made me smile. I could go on and on and I might go into more details on another post.

We gotta get one built here in CC - Let’s Build A Bike Park!!!

**In the video below check out all the different people in the video. It starts with a dad, then a mom, then some teenagers ripping it up, then a dad chasing his kid on a strider bike, and then a young girl climbing back up after her run to lap it again. To me this video exemplifies just about everything awesome about having a bike park in a community!

This community is rad and stoked!

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