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Carson City Bike Park Friday Evening Update 1/12/24

We have received an incredible 370 survey responses for the Carson City Bike Park Survey! A heartfelt thank you to our community for such incredible engagement. Your voices are shaping this dream - let's get to 500 completed surveys by the end of the month!

**Regarding the difference in the number shown on the Google Survey**

When I created and released the survey, I had both SurveyMonkey and Google surveys. Both surveys were the same, and I was trying to reach the widest audience possible. Anyway, after you receive 25 responses, SurveyMonkey starts charging you💰, so I decided to only push the Google Forms Survey Link. So, I have twenty completed responses from the SurveyMonkey CCBP survey on top of the total number you see on Google's survey. So that is why there is a discrepancy.

We are proud to be working with Carson City-born and raised 2023 Redbull Rampage champion Cam Zink's Sensus RAD Trails and current Carson City resident Greg Watts, a former Crankworx Champion, to bring you an outstanding park design.

🌟 Community Power: The support and skills offered by our community members through the survey have been astounding. We're excited to work with volunteers and local experts as this project evolves and comes to fruition!

🔍 Survey Insights: Diving further into your survey feedback this Sunday, Expect a more detailed update soon - your input will help shape our future!

🤝 Building Together: This project is more than a bike park; it's going to be a place that will make our community proud!

Stay Involved: Keep sharing the survey, spread the word, and watch for more exciting updates. Your involvement is crucial.

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