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Carson City Bike Park - Let’s Do This!!!

A quick update on the exciting developments of the Carson City Bike Park development project.

The Spark: 

The idea for a local bike park emerged from numerous trailside chats (and a few beers) with fellow riders, where it became obvious the biking community is hungry for a local bike park in Carson City.

Collaborative Beginnings: 

The project’s momentum surged recently when Chelsea Kinchloe of Muscle Powered reached out and proposed Centennial Park as a potential site, unveiling an existing, pre-pandemic proposal for the park initiated by Ken Rice.

Sensus R.A.D. Trails:  

Sensus R.A.D. Trails, founded by mountain bike icon (and current Red Bull Rampage winner) Carson City born and raised Cam Zink, is playing a pivotal role in the project, aiming to enrich community life through an innovative bike park.


The current multi-phase Carson City Bike Park plan is shaping up, driven by community collaboration and existing plans. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.


A heartfelt thank you to everyone fueling this journey. Together, we are going to create the Carson City Bike Park!

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