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Carson City Bike Park Update 6/16/24

Updated: Jun 17

  • We continue moving in the right direction - and we still need a mountain biking CPA to audit Muscle Powered so we can submit the bike park proposal for consideration. I know there is somebody in our community that can help us get this done for a reasonable amount.

  • The anonymous foundation knows we are working on this challenge but the clock is ticking for their grant money for 2025. If we do not get our proposal in for 2025 funding we will be able to resubmit for 2026, but it would be better to know our status with this funding opportunity sooner than later.

  • Centennial Park (Carson City Bike Park’s proposed location) has existing drainage issues during significant downpours. The city is working on a plan to fix these issues. We have been invited to review the plans with the city as they move forward. We are looking at ways to use bike park trails and infrastructure to help mitigate some of the problems. If we can stack functions for some of the framework of the park and then ongoing maintenance we can save time and money.

  • I was recently elected to the Board of Directors of Muscle Powered. My main focus will be getting the bike park built. With that said, I am also interested in increasing trail maintenance and volunteer outreach.

  • Let’s Build A Bike Park!!! 🤘🏼

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