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Friday Night 1/26/24 Carson City Bike Park Update!

Friday Night Bike Park Update! 🌟

Hello, Carson City Bike Park enthusiasts! We're rolling into the weekend with some updates on the CCBP. Here's the latest:

🔹 Survey Success: We are currently sitting at 430 completed surveys! A heartfelt thank you to everyone who's contributed their insights. Your input will help craft the CCBP into a community treasure. Let's see if we can get to 500 by Wednesday night. Another Ride Carson City Hat giveaway happens at 500!

🔹 Proposal Update: Our team has received an updated proposal From Sensus RAD Trails, and we're analyzing the details. We're dedicated to ensuring the CCBP meets and exceeds our community's expectations for a dynamic, inclusive bike park and community gathering center.

🔹 Funding Strategy: Our proposal will NOT be based on asking the city for direct funding. Our financial plan for construction and maintenance will be based on grants, donations, sponsorships, and community events to fuel our funding and ongoing efforts. It will take a village effort to achieve this!

🚀 Looking Ahead: The next steps include more detailed planning, collaborating with the city, and rallying the resources needed to transform our shared vision into Carson City's newest biking treasure!

🙌 Join the Ride: Your involvement is the key to our success. Whether contributing to our surveys, spreading the word, or offering your support with all the items that will be needed propels us closer to our collective goal. Eventually, fund-raising will be another key area we will need help with

💬 Keep in Touch: Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to get involved. With your continued support, the CCBP will become more than just a bike park; it will be a legacy for Carson City's vibrant community and the surrounding region!

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend from Ride Carson City - cheers!

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