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Prison Hill OHV Area Exploration

I visited the Prison Hill OHV area this past Saturday to support my wife and son in a running race. After seeing that it was ~90% snow-free while the rest of our trails were mostly covered in snow or at least icy, I decided to go for an exploratory ride on Tuesday morning before the ground warmed up and it got muddy.

I parked at the corner of Snyder Ave. and Gentry Ln., as trailhead parking areas are often prime places to get a vehicle broken into. I was greeted by a very curious coyote. I noticed a Jackrabbit scurry off to some sagebrush when I parked and I may have interrupted a hunt. After gearing up, I rode up the hill to the east and started exploring. It is a maze of trails up there, and the clouds stuck around, so the trails stayed rideable.

I rode, took pictures, and explored for about 90 minutes while making my way to the top of the first summit before I needed to start heading back. The views of the Sierra and the Eagle and Carlson Valleys are incredible, and the access is easy to get to, so I will ride here again when there is not much else to ride without a significant drive.

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