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What is a bike park???

The other day, I posted an update on social media about the Carson City Bike Park survey. One of the first comments on my post was, “Excuse me for asking, but what is a bike park”?

The thing is that I had been so far in the weeds of spearheading a bike park project that I had forgotten that, of course, not everyone knows what a bike park is.

I am happy this person asked me the question. It reminded me to get back into a beginner's mindset. We want the Carson City Bike Park project to be a community space where everyone feels welcome - not just the cool kids.

Below is a draft version that I am working on in an attempt to describe what a bike park is. I would appreciate any thoughts or comments. Thanks, DT Ride CC

What is a bike park?

A bike park is an outdoor area specifically designed for cyclists of various abilities. It includes a range of trails, jumps, ramps, and skills-building areas, providing a unique space for people to improve their biking skills and enjoy the sport.

Besides being a hub for biking enthusiasts, bike parks play a significant role in promoting outdoor activities, especially in our increasingly digital world. They offer a healthy and active alternative to screen time, encouraging people to spend more time outdoors, enjoying nature and physical exercise.

Additionally, bike parks have a positive economic impact on the community. Local businesses such as shops, cafes, and restaurants often see increased customers as bike parks attract visitors. This can lead to job creation and overall economic growth.

Bike parks provide a fun, healthy way to engage with the outdoors while benefiting the local economy and community!

What do you think? What am I missing in this description? Is there something I could add?

Let me know in the comments!

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